Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wow, this is truly a worldwide thing!

This is a picture of the first person on line to enter the new Apple store in Shanghai, China (their 2nd store). What is interesting to me is that you would think he would be a total nerd. Well he may be one, but what is interesting is that he is married, and his wife was with him on line (she is hidden behind him in this picture). I never would have thought that the excitement of an Apple store would be so large in China as in the rest of the world. In recent history masses of people would be swept by a political movement, a rock band or even a sports team. Gadgets and computers are exactly the things that cause the same reaction in our current age. They also have become a major way we communicate in the workplace and or at home. Also gadgets and computers have opened the world to everyone, it is very hard for any government and or group to control all thought and information.

What is really a kick in the pants, is that he is also holding a picture of Steve Jobs. Just think about how in the not too distant past it may have been a picture of Mao instead. What an interesting change of society. This to me shows how now only the government in China is pretending that they are Communist.

Hey, I was on line recently to get my new iPhone 4 and get giddy with excitement over any Apple announcements (started buying Apple 12 years ago and never have looked back). But getting my wife to wait with me??? Never gonna happen!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Is this accelerator problem with Toyota a........

problem of Chinese origin? Not once have I read or even heard it mentioned. That the accelerator issues that Toyota and or now it seems possibly Ford and Volkswagen as per rumors are having. Has it not been researched by governmental agencies and or Big Media to see if the electronics and or mechanically parts originate from China? Well they are more worried about crap like American Idol and or other BS to distract that they are not doing their jobs.

When I bought my 2007 Volvo, I had issues with sensors that had to be replaced in my accelerator and or other parts of my car(a few months in!). Three years later, now I realize that in the interest of keeping cheap labor running in China the big corporate interests are determined to sweep it under the rug. Yet Toyota has been the cause of 34 murders in my opinion since they were aware of problems and never did a mass recall. How is it that the same company who benefitted by poorly placed fuel tanks in American cars was able to then leapfrog the American brands in 10 years and now 20 years later also are as bad?

One word describes their fall, it is GREED.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are we to become the borg?

Should we seed the Universe?

Michael Mautner, Research Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University believes that we have an obligation to colonize and seed planets and eco-systems for our use. It is odd that he may have fellow scientists who are more concerned in some cases falsifying data in the so call benefit of saving our planet.

But I digress, this professor has brought up something interesting to me. What if our travels in our future we cannot just simply survive out of our transporting ships, even with all the plans to introduce microbes to try to change the environment? Who is to say that we cause new viruses or diseases that resist our medicine and technology?

How then do we continue to thrive and or evolve as a species? Do we slowly start to implement other life into our collective of humanity and or mold and change them to fit us?

And finally how do we then choose what planets to do these acts? Who are we then to wipe out other life? Granted we kill other animals to survive since we need to eat. Do we eat these new creature? Will they taste like Chicken too?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

15 year itch

Almost 15 years ago Jerry Garcia left this world, and for me it has never been the same. Have I seen great music and had excellent times? The answer is definitely yes! But I have been ruined for total musical enjoyment in his passing. I cannot explain it, he is one of those individuals who left a mark in my life. I saw the recent Dead tour, caught a couple of shows and they were great. But I was not fully happy; Jerry is always missing. You would think that 15 years would have healed the wound. Yet, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh have brought on a remarkable guitarist who sounds like Jerry and sings eerily like him as well, his name is John Kadlecik and he played the past ten years with Grateful Dead cover band called Dark Star Orchestra. I have been drawn to the first three shows as the band is now called furthur ( and I have to say, there are moments that in the music that has been lost these 15 years are alive for minutes or sometimes mere seconds. He sounds like Jerry no doubt, but he is not and to imagine the pressure of being asked to play with the remaining members of the band that you yourself idolize must be a humbling and nerve racking experience at first.

I am not sure what the point of this posting is, but I am happy that this late winter I will be able to go see the latest incarnation of the band I love and maybe, just maybe I can be a bit fulfilled.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who does it harm anyway?

The story these past days of Steve McNair's murder brings about a topic that I argue and discuss with many people over the years. And that is that there are consequences to your actions. So if you think actions that others don't know about or are done for one's own self gratification can't affect others and or society at large is naive. Granted I as many others, have many flaws and have done stupid things not knowing the consequences of my actions. But we shall see in this case this little matter had ugly consequences.

Yes Steve was quite a football player. Who had a lot of success coming out of Division I-AA college ball at Alcorn State. He was known to be a generous man and was involved in many charities doing some good works for those in need. That is all good, but he did make some poor judgements in his actions. He obviously thought that this little matter with a young lady of 20 was just something trivial. I mean no one knew of this affair, his wife did not know as well as his 6 sons. So let's apply the, "It does not harm anyone" since this was a secretive affair. Now fast forward the days after his murder, he did harm many people! His wife, his family and his friends. Do you think his wife will ever be the same? What about his sons? Do they now have a normal relationship with women after this event? How about his close friends? Do their wives now look at them in a different way? Those who held him in a higher respect in the community? What is their thoughts? And finally, a young women who obviously was led to believe that she was important to this man, lost it and drove her to kill him.

Enough of Steve, let's move to Bernie.
Here is another man, who was respected in his community, who was involved doing good works for others. What did he do? He most probably started out the same way under the guise of "who does it harm anyway?". He too most likely did not think of his initial actions of being damaging. It most likely started with a small lie here, some money moved there. Until his actions seemed like it was a normal thing. Seriously who would it harm? He lied to people for close to 30 years! And he was enabled by many others who helped with the scheme as it grew.

At the end of the day, one needs to see what is important in this life. Which in my opinion, is family, your good friends and your good name. You can easily ruin them with a poor choice.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A return to the old ways.....very dangerous.......

Well the US media has now once again selected to not report on these happenings(click) in France.

This is significant. Why do I ask? It is the return to the left for France. See France since the war was a Socialist nation. Which is now teetering back to Communism. The trade Unions are now utilizing class envy and hatred as a means for power. Really what never is discussed that the direct opposite lies Fascism which allows for total control of the state by one single entity and does not rely on class warfare.

On May day this year we have a US government that is going down the road of corporate and  trade union socialism. Look at the whole auto industry fiasco, we are funneling money to corporations and now trade unions! Really it is Socialism on steroids no matter how you disguise it or package it to the stupid here in the US. France on the other hand government wise was headed to corporate welfare as we have been doing for decades. Yet as you can see the trade unions are demanding they are entitled to any money and gains alone. Why do I bring up Fascism? It is slowly growing worldwide, and why it is of concern here by our current administration. It is almost like the start of the 21st century has returned to the early 20th century. Since we no longer espouse true capitalism and oddly enough Russia is now more capitalist than us. If the current socioeconomic situation worsens worldwide, whose side do we or others fall on?

Does Fascism once again take hold and cause disruptions? Does this new Marxism grow and spread causing more people to take sides? Many here in America believe it is business as usual, but fail to realize we are just a couple of incidences from another world conflict. What concerns me is that when the chips are down, where does one put their allegiances? Does one go towards the far right or the far left? As a country we no longer hold what are founding fathers built this country on. Who would have thought that Reagan was truly the last of his kind? I sure hope that in anyone's lifetime that they need to pick a side and maybe have to face friends, family and or countryman in a new grab of world dominance.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

fare la bella figura

Just returned from Italy and let me tell you, this is not an exaggeration. The average working Joe in Italy is barely living a life. Looking at housing there, prices are 15 to 20 times the yearly salary still while we are dropping here in the US. It has been 8 years between visits to Italy and I have found that the Euro in reality has been a dismal failure for the poor and working class. The Euro has brought about major inflation and high prices in clothes and food. I predict that the Euro will not be around too much longer!

Take a look at my posting from December of 2007........

Read article here

I know I tend to be very hard and cynical when it comes to those living above their means. But the grand irony of the upcoming world recession is the fact that even if you do have a job, you will not be necessarily safe in not falling into poverty or hard times. There was a time when if you worked hard, you might be able to pull ahead. Yet, the cost of living has been jumping and the cost of things will not go down in the near future. Everyone is passing along their costs, which ultimately gets handed down to all the consumers out there. Now the strains of the questionable move to one currency is starting to show cracks throughout the European Union. Well intentioned left wing ideology is now showing that it is ideal in theory than in practice once again. To calm the working class they were told that the move to the Euro was going to bring nothing but prosperity! Well the cows are coming home and there is less milk to go around. Just think, the European countries for the most part have many more safeguards out there for their citizens than Americans do. So if there are many going hungry before their next paycheck, push will come to shove. Not until the masses hit the streets will the shit be hitting the fan, because the price of pasta is starting to get out of reach of the Italians who have a job.

Escape from Rio?

Well it is interesting to see that how a self professed leftist can explain this, read this

After reading the article the first thing came to mind is Escape from New York (Click here), which I enjoyed greatly when it first came out in the theaters and still like now. I thought this story can help in a new sequel!

I can see it now, Lula is on a small flight and drug lords sabotage his flight. Before his plane crashes he lands in a pod in one of the walled off Favelas. What to do if you are the government? Send in a man who claims to be for the same poor that are walled off. Who is this hero? How about Hugo Chavez? i can see it now, he goes in to the Favela armed with free oil for all the poor so that he can find his lost comrade who has moved to the center and forgot about the revolution. Yet in this case I hope the hero dies.